Fed’s decision to ban parnasaita Sonam

India’s government has decided to impose restrictions on parnagraphi. Parnasaita 857 last week to stop the government has ordered internet providers have been known to the companies. The majority of India parnasaitai not open on Saturday.
The government has reacted to the decision of the court that was bisistajanera.

On Twitter, the social media, condemned, satire, and many resent the comments.

The popular author Chetan Bhagat said, “The decision to ban the anti-, ineffective and not robust. This is a political decision is wrong. ”

Builders urged to consider the new Ram Gopal Varma tweeted.

Bollywood music star big daladani wrote, “I am not surprised at that conclusion. Funny thing is, that the sitting MP in parliament at get caught Khan, the parties of this ban has been imposed. ”

The incident, however, has expressed displeasure quite pungent Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor. Anilakanya tweet, wrote, “See that ban the ignorant who think these sanctions will bring change in mentality.” Some of the government’s decision “unconstitutional”, he claimed.

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