Pakistan’s most expensive movie, “bin Roy

Pakistan’s new movie have been released recently in various countries around the world, “bin Roy. That being said, the Pakistani film industry ever to have played in the big-budget pictures. Soon after the release of the film has made tremendous curiosity.

Concerned are hoping that the movie will be out of the shadow of the famous Bollywood film viewers.

Pakistan wants to become stronger in the film world, and the country ‘bin Roy has created the world in this film.

The movie’s budget, the budget, the rival Indian Bollywood films are now made.

Manufacturers say that the story is based on the ‘bin Roy has made the Indian screen / film that has not been seen up to now. Pakistan’s most expensive movie, “bin Roy
The hero of the film, Humayun Saeed
Many bin Roy’s film industry will lead to a new height.

Only now are the people of Pakistan and the stars face to face ‘is heard in the words of Bin rayera.

Many people think the movie game changer.

The popular actress Mahira Khan said, “I personally think that it’s so many great movies that have been released. Worldwide bin Roy has released, it is the major milestones of the Pakistan film industry as well. ”

He said, “This is the picture of the different peoples of the world have created a lot of interest. Agrahata so much I did not understand! This interest in the release of the movie, waiting to understand that there was no room. Pakistan really wonderful and a great movie so much interest in it. ”

This is the first Pakistani film premiered simultaneously in several countries in the Western countries and have been released “bin Roy. The film did not hold any shortage campaigns.

Pakistan’s most expensive movie, “bin Roy
“Roy Bean ‘movie poster
Assistant director and producer of the film are likely duraita momena going to fulfill the dream. They said as Pakistan’s film industry to bring new hopes and dreams within us all, and we’ve been working on this goal puranei. Pakistan for several years to create new images and stories are very consciously.

Having a story full of adventure-heterogeneous bin. The film is rich in romantic music and dance are considered separately so that attract visitors to the finest actor Rohan. He said, “These movies are very different than the movies during the nineties. Construction was then somehow, that pulled the viewer. Now the era of technology and all the events very easily, reported. Now, new technologies are being used to film themselves in a new video camera, editing software, utilizing all the movies being made. Is the story of diversity. Hindi movie makers, actors coming here, much of the movie is shooting in Pakistan. So many opportunities to do good. ”

The adventure-religious picture in the box office hits of Roy bin to make sure that the Pakistani film industry, then it will create a lot of movies. BBC Bengali

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