Teenage workers from international cricket star

Figure about one of the most legendary footballer, who grew up in South America. Pele, Diego Maradona, Ronaldo and neimaradera kastagamtha about the story. They moved up from a poor family in the international arena. Emama seen cricket events. Particularly in cricket-playing countries of the subcontinent. Pakistan all-rounder, who has appeared recently. Pakistan’s dashing all-rounder Shahid Afridi bat and ball, the audience provides great entertainment. He left the GOP. T-toyentitei playing regularly. But this format does not seem to play a long time. But now, as an alternative to Pakistan cricket and there was not anyone. But many people do you think had the tour to Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afridi option. He is the all-rounder Anwar Ali Ñ. 17-day and 11-toyentitei showed his talent. Colombo against Sri Lanka last toyentite 1 wicket for 40 runs after four innings with 4 sixes and 3 incredible victory gave Pakistan 17 runs in 46 balls. Since then, he began to be a different speculations. Pakistan national team was his life until the cure uphill-downhill. Since boyhood, he had to go through a difficult struggle. Anwar Ali was born Zaka Khel village in Pakistan’s Swat Valley. Another familiar face in the world was born in this district. Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai was attacked by the criminals in this city. Anaoyarera family was in this town. But the behavior of hardline Islamists while they are forced to leave the city. Anaoyarera family took refuge in a colony in Karachi. They had no place to go gojara themselves. From an early age my father got sick. Food joints are to be set out in search of work for him in childhood. Get to work in a factory-made socks. Rs 150 in daily work. Works day and night, together with their parents lived. Anwar Ali said at the time to describe the condition, “that was a very difficult time. We come in peace and security in Karachi. I was like family to earn. My father was ill. There is not to play. “On his way home from the factory to the street side of the field, he saw his old boys playing cricket. Wanted to play cricket with them, too. But he had the opportunity to work under pressure. He asked his boss at the factory was working the night shift, he said. During the day he requested to play. Factory boss accepted it. Local area one time to play with the boys of the coach Azam Khan fell. During the initial stage, but later separated, and she wanted to do. Because, at the time when the money was available to train others. But Anwar could not pay. The cricket-mad anaoyarera efforts did not stop. He makes it to the practice used by the coach. Anwar began to craft a one-time boy, coach Azam Khan himself was astonished. He did not give further his own importance. Anaoyarera name began to spread around. Anaoyarera parents moved beyond the already diseased. Anaoyarera dark about the teenager. However, the patient’s attention back to cricket. The Anwar said, “My father was never satisfied with my cricket. But when I started to make some income while the cricket and not to hinder. “Anwar Ali and did not stop the progress. Pakistan Under-19 team in 006 earned. He was the hero of the Youth World Cup in Sri Lanka in the service of Pakistan to win the title. He took 5 wickets for 35 runs in the final against arch-rivals. Chasing Pakistan’s 109 runs, India were bowled out for just 71, Anwar Ali devastating bowling. In the final she Rohit Sharma, Cheteshwar Pujara and Ravindra Jadeja took one wicket. After two years of 008 against Zimbabwe in the international T-toyanti debut. He did not get any uikata 19 runs in the first match. He made his ODI debut against South Africa in Cape Town in 013. The first ODI career after an unbeaten 43 runs off 55 balls and took two wickets with the ball 4 runs. The ‘Teenage Workers’ Anwar Ali was tamkate no turning back. So far, Pakistan 251 runs and 13 wickets in 17 one-day internationals and 11 toyentite uikate has 65 runs and 6

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