Twelve playing due to the kidney

Our body of waste materials, unused food and extracting excess water helps the kidneys. The body of harmful wastes from our body free of toxins to the kidneys play a much more important role.

For this reason, and for the recovery of the body, kidney health is much more important. But just as we pay attention to the kidneys often forgotten. And just because lots of people have died of kidney problems.

With due attention to kidney disease, the kidneys are responsible for ourselves. We have constantly been some irregularities which had direct impact on our kidneys. But we need to watch out for our own good. Let’s assume that aniyamagulo responsible for the kidney damage and carefully tried to avoid this aniyamagulo.

# Drinking

All the more harmful than drinking kidney. Alcohol kidneys can not eliminate from our bodies in the right manner. This is the function of the kidney, resulting in kidney and kidney damage has been reduced. Aktanta liver disease due to excessive alcohol consumption are the most serious. The mortality is high. So stay away from alcohol.

# Do not drink enough water

Water is the most important for kidney protection. Do not drink enough water to prevent kidney damage. Out of the house if you do not have to remember to drink a lot of water. But much of the pressure on the kidney, and the kidney has lost its general performance. Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day to an human being is extremely important. Keep a water bottle with you all the time.

Extra salt intake

Much excess salt intake is bad practice. Eat a plate of salt people eat separately. But this is much more damage the kidneys due to irregularities. The kidneys can not eliminate excess sodium from the body. As a result, excess salt remains sodiyamatuku kidneys. The kidneys are affected. Even the possibility of kidney damage.

# Meat consumed

There are a lot of bad habits asaktata the flesh. Many vegetables and fish instead of meat is dependent on. This aniyamatio harmful to the kidneys. Fish and vegetables are much more important for kidney protection. Additional meat reduces the function of the kidney. Khadyabhyasata to the right.

Extra taking this medicine to eat

Many people are taking a little pain when taking this medicine. Many headache especially if this action. But it is an act harmful to the kidneys. Taking extra doses of drugs such as severe damage to kidney cells. Damage to the kidneys completely. So taking this medicine without consulting a doctor, do not eat any fault.

# Hold urine

Many people have gone out of the task of holding urine. Girls’ It’s not the amount of damage apparently caught very quickly destroys kidanike. If urine stuck in the kidney and kidney general performance after losing a lot more pressure. Oh, so this is not going to work. Do not wait to return home to find another way. The kidney is healthy.

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