The only hot water springs Chandra Hill

Lilabhumi natural beauty of our country. In this country, surrounded by mountain rivers. Nandanikataya full sitakunda hill in the mountains. Not only known place of pilgrimage for Hindus in Chittagong hill sitakunda. At present, there is a long way to attract local tourists. Sitakunda amazing natural beauty, especially the travelers took their very early. One of the most spectacular places and such Sitakunda Chandranath hill is a tourist. The only hot water springs of hot water springs of this Chandra Chandra hill mountain abasthitaekamatra

Sitakunda market just four kilometers from the east side of the hill in this Chandra. Rumor has it that the King of Nepal, one of the world’s five places to sleep in order to establish Shiva. Dream location in the world, the King of Nepal was established five Shiva. Sitakunda Chandranath the temple.

According to Hindu religion, history, ancient era here lived the grate Bhargava. Banabasera while his son Ram Dasharatha king of Ayodhya came to this place. Bhargava of the grate Dasharatha son Ram will come here to bathe them that creates three Kundu. Ramachandran came here with his wife Sita. Ramachandran’s wife Sita from the kunde bath, and the name of this place sitakunda.

Chandra’s go to the mountains:

Chandra was very low in the mountains, distance from sitakunda rickshaw to go without. However, the rickshaws on foot to enjoy the brilliance of the original travel. Chandra spectacular views of the mountains from sitakunda be the way to go. If we are to be deprived of the beauty of the rickshaw. Chandra mountain route from sitakunda the Hindu religious establishments of tourists will be missed. This way, you’ll see guava, betel nut, amasaha all kinds of hot water springs Chandra hill baganaekamatra
The members of the local ethnic communities to the inner mountains zoom in and floriculture. Tripura known as local ethnic populations. On the way to the mountains from sitakunda Chandra thing happened on the way to attract tourists, most of the small springs.

Spring will be the first, and from there the road up the mountain, Chandra has been divided into two. Those who want to climb the hill to the simple ways they can get on the right road simrioyala and those who want to climb the mountain with adventure climbing down the mountain the way they can be left on top of the hill. This mountain is the country’s only hot springs water.

Despite the mountain of stairs to climb the hill to the left, then right pathatite easy route. And as they came down from the mountains down to the right simrioiyala exception.

Apart from the temple of Sita Chandra Temple also has a temple. The house has a fountain near dying. But if you want to bathe in the water of the fountain, then you have to go deep in the forests of the mountains. Although summer is the rainy season, rain to the mountains in the mountains, trees, vines, fresh leaves are washed away everything. Which makes the tourists fill the soul. Growing up in the mountains during the rainy season is the time to take extra precautions. Do not use in the hilly route is convenient to use the stairs.

Chandra sitakundu for those who studied botany research, a suitable place for the mountains. The hill has numerous plants, herb, shrub plants.

Throughout the year there are numerous local and foreign tourists anagonaya filled this place. There is a playground for lots of tourists here. Here too, however, the lack of clean drinking water. That is why tourists go to the water.


Dhaka bus, train and air to go all the way to the mountains sitakunda Chandra. Dhaka GRP, sayedabada, kalyanapurasaha the city from all the cars left the car to go sitakunda. Stop all the way to Chittagong from Dhaka basai Sitakunda. And those who want to go by train from the railway station in GRP will othate mail train. Trains operating on the Dhaka-Chittagong route, passenger movement offers the only station in this trenatii sitakunda. The direct train from Chittagong to the bus will come sitakundate.

Accommodation: the hot water springs Chandra Hill
There is no better hotel in Sitakunda for tourists to stay. Tourists can stay here with the permission of the houses. Sitakunda not like to return to the port city

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