Special meals to take away stress

Clouds in the sky could make of ‘stress’. The pressure comes from the mental illness. Increasing the load on the various kinds of diseases, even in the final stages of the suicides occur.
So many need to work to remove the pressure. There are some foods that are very effective to relieve the pressure. If you can keep the food at regular diets reduce stress. People’s Daily newspaper reported recently that the health of the channel’s name has been mentioned in some dishes. For example,

Pee nut

Almonds important nutrients. So that adequate zinc or zinc. Natural Zinc is very effective to relieve boredom. To meet the needs of zinc in the body and make a habit of eating almonds on a regular basis, in order to deal with the stress gradually. Moreover, weight control is beneficial enough almonds.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate helps to reduce stress. Dark chocolate stabilizes the polyphenol people. Under no circumstances do not allow him to be excited. The other side of the ingredients of dark chocolate is beneficial to health. According to experts, every day of dark chocolate and cardiovascular disease, will not go to a specialist.

fish oil

Fish oil contains omega three fatty acids. The omega three fatty acids, as well as the recovery of the body and mental wellness of our sadness and anxiety protects away. Moreover, omega-three fatty acid diet is good.


There are many nutrients alpha-linolenika acid in walnuts, omega-three fatty acids and other components ayasidasaha. These components can increase the brain’s ability to think. If you worry about your ability to eat some walnuts on a regular basis as a result of the increase, and it will help to reduce stress.

Vitamin C fruits

Many of the benefits of vitamin C-rich orange, the well known. Spend a little bit of orange juice Khan sadness, the sadness can become loose. Regular little orange canal body and maintain equanimity. As well as cholesterol levels in the body, heart disease and kidney janyaokamala beneficial to good.

Green tea

Green tea contains the antioxidant abundant, which helps protect our body as well as mental health. Green tea drinking is out of the depression and the brain is comfortable.


Garlic many times. Garlic is a powerful anti-oxidant is very helpful to increase the body’s immune system. Eating garlic regularly will be beneficial for the body. Your blood pressure will need to be playing regular garlic. For people who are more at risk of high blood pressure and mental pressure. Eat a little garlic with the dishes, so as to protect the physical and mental fitness.

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