Captain Shakib wins wait

The name has changed, the love story of a full-length movie. The name is now “a full-length kyaptena-love story. Keeping in line with the change in the name of the character in the film Shakib. Safi Safi Uddin said the film makers.

Film City in Hyderabad, India, has started from August ramoji ‘Captain’ movie song shooting. In the meantime, reached the image of the hero Shakib Khan, actress seasonal Hamid, director Safi Uddin saphisaha other members of the unit. The main heroine of the film, there is still paumchanani Joya Ahsan.

Ramoji film has begun shooting in the city on Sunday morning. Shakib and to participate in the first two days of seasonal Hamid said of the song will be shot. Joya Ahsan will do the rest after arrival.

Bangladesh on Monday morning for a flight to India has left Joya Ahsan, Shahidul Islam Emon and saccu. They have been known to take part in the shooting.

The film began shooting on September 16 last year. The majority of the pictures have been shot already done. Sometime in the middle of the shooting schedule and, after the visa, work has begun again.

According to the director of the film, coming idei want to release. Shooting is so fast.
‘Captain’, the film has a total of five songs. Bakul poet wrote all the songs. Tunes songs and has coordinated Shawkat Ali Emon Hossain Tapas and silky. Chandan Sinha, and the voices, Kona, tasipha, Asif Akbar, ferry and Shabbir.

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