Domestic solutions to prevent hair fall

Not only women, men and women, women are plagued with the problem of hair fall. At a time when we have seen the last of them coming to our grandmother dadira a full head of hair, wandered, and it sounds like a lot of these in-cheek story. At the present time the boy had seen many young girls are embarrassed about the hair fall problem. Bald head, as if at an early age is not anything shameful. Hair fall can not be attributed to a single cause. Hair loss can be due to various reasons, such as environmental pollution, water problems, food problems, the excessive use of chemical hair products, physical illness and proper care of hair is not. The problem is that it tends to solve it, we need to know the process and implement the right solution.

Let us see the product without using any chemicals or hair of the domestic market, you’ll be able to solve the problem of hair fall.

coconut milk
Coconut milk is a high quality nutrients for the hair of the head, which reinforces skin narisa hair growth. You can prevent hair fall, coconut milk, and massage prevents hair fall out, it is a hair’s breadth. This is one of the most simple and effective components to stop hair fall.

Aloe Vera gel or juice directly to the skin as you put your head a little massage. Give one to two hours after the wash with warm water. Aloe keeps skin healthy natural herbal ingredients of the head and normal to dry skin of the head, causing the hair to fall much lower than that.

Oil Massage
Nowadays, many people do not like the hair oil. But healthy hair and hair oil options do not fall off. While you do every day of the week for at least 3 hours before going to sleep at night, light heating oil on the scalp and blood flow to the scalp myasaja normal hair growth and prevents hair fall will increase. The coconut oil works best, but if you want to olive oil, jojoba, mastarada, Custer, and you can use ayalamanda oil.

Neem leaves
The director of the neem tree, a blessing of nature, is a unique benefit that includes all the elements needed bed. It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-septic, anti-diabetic and sedatibha naturally exist. There is no comparison of the neem leaves to reduce hair fall. The amount of water mixed with neem leaves to burn till the water is reduced to half the size of the new holding. The cold water and wash your head. Use it once a week will reduce hair fall came after.

Some of the dry bureaucrat in coconut oil with new oil till light goes dark. I see this oil massage your scalp hair will fall off. If you want to paste the bureaucrats sikakai mixed paste can put on it, it is very useful to reduce hair fall.

Note: Do not use the hair dry, they sikakai.

You can safely use to prevent hair fall Greene. Green bag with two one cup of water to boil and cool the water to turn the head and hair. Wash your hair after an hour of leaving it.

Hair henna has been used since the ancient times. You can use henna to reduce hair fall. Many more shampoo when the hair falls out, and the idea that they are prevented from properly clean the hair. The results of which are dirty and messy hair because the hair itself. Keep it clean all the hair.

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