Avoid vomiting or colorful journey

Eid holiday at the end of the city, home to about mental preparation. Friends or brothers have long planned to turn the scale. However, a small problem can spoil all the fun. Your enemy may be long or short the traveling nausea and vomiting may be due to the tendency of many .—. For example, if someone very sick, poison, plays, bad odor or bad taste of the dishes, gastric problems, or any of the esophagus, vomiting, but can be closed. Overwork or vomiting caused by motion sickness, stackable Motion sickness is a major problem in the trip. It may be due to a kind of human brain. Especially buses, private cars or vehicle incinacalita vomiting can lead to problems of this kind. Our inner balance of the body in motion and inertia. The inner ear sends to the brain about the car ride that she is dynamic. But the eyes of the other. If the front or the side of people or vehicles to fix seats. Motion sickness is a result of the coordination of the inner eye. This is due to the nausea, the dizziness, headaches prabhrtiyanabahane to protect vomit

* Travel time is less a problem looking out of the window.

* In the meantime, you can open the window with a long breath.

* The most effective herbal medicine to relieve nausea ginger. You can cut and chop ginger cibute face. It can be removed imotion your vomiting. Other people who can not withstand strong heat, as they cooked a little ginger rasati garamapanite vomit from the mouth to the porter of the ugly smell will be gone.

* Nausea whenever you see a piece of clove and leave immediately. Cibute will be gradually moved out of your mouth nausea.

* Pudinapata very effective to relieve nausea. Mint juice is more effective to relieve nausea gyastrikajanita. Stay cibute with mint leaves in the gyastrikajanita bamibhabe.

* Many cibute like cinnamon. After a heavy meal helps digestion plays cinnamon. So, if you can eat a piece of cinnamon vomiting due to indigestion.

* Talk of the food the body is eliminating nausea. Lemon juice contains citric acid, which is very effective to relieve nausea. Eat like a lemon, but if gyastrikajanita am researching. Moreover nausea can come in handy if you smell lebupatara. Sukale lemon leaves because nausea is eliminated.

* Tour of the problem is more than half an hour before getting in the car damaperidana they can take the drugs.

* Take a seat near the window. Open the window. Refresh my heart will be in the open air.

* Landscape or along the car with the car running and there do not sit back.

* Do not eat or drink bharapeta a little before the start of the journey, do not.

* Nut or drinking, or chewing gum may be useful cibanoteo.

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