Following the good results RUMC

While disasters across the HSC exam results this year have continued in the capital RUMC good fruit.

The HSC exam results 2015ra made the remarks in response to the institute’s senior vice-principal Aminur Rahman Khan.

He ryakim whether or not to continue the effort to be good. Political instability has affected our business results. However, considering the results of the country that we are a continuation of good results.

He said the institution in a preparatory test test test test is taken after another. And that’s because of our good results. We do not just teach the culture and moral education are taught. So that our students can be developed as an ideal citizen.

RUMC 1214 from this year’s HSC examinations to test students. 745 students from the science department, 362 students from the Department of Commerce and 107 candidates participated in the humanitarian category. A total of 722 students secured GPA-5. The institution 99.90 percent pass rate.

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