The new Customs Law ‘business’ will

The new customs law, technology, business and economic case to be the latter, the finance minister said on Monday.
The new Customs Law of the workshop on Monday afternoon at a hotel in his inaugural speech, he said.

National Board of Revenue and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) jointly to 0 on August 17, the new Customs Law Implementation ‘Affairs has organized a national workshop.

He said during the speech was surprised, Bangladesh Customs Act of 1969 is still going through. There is much confusion in the law. The new law will not be in doubt.

He said 009 of the Act, since we’re trying to correct. The main objective of the Act is amended to abolish the old law, but the technology and business of a customs law. Business will benefit everyone involved in the implementation of the law.

Finance and Planning MA Mannan said the reforms in all sectors, led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. As part of the National Board of Revenue overhaul and modernization of the customs laws.

The Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and industry (FBCCI) President Abdul Matlub Ahmad, NBR Federation are working together to develop the country. The new Customs Act to remove all the complexity of the implementation of the new business.

Japan’s ambassador said otanabe masato, Bangladesh and Japan are contributing to the economic development of the country through partnerships. Including the infrastructure and business fields.

The ceremony was presided over by Chairman of the National Board of Revenue. Rahman, among others, present. 6 workshop in the field of customs officers, the Ministry of FBCCI total of 40 officers, 14 officers took part.

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