Bangladesh defeated India

Clear U-16 Championship semi-final in the previous two editions of the country. 011 and 013 in the first season fourth in six groups of seven teams that were in the third. However, the trophy took the red-green jarsidharira. District Stadium on Tuesday won the title for the first time in the beating Clear 42 traibrekare India Bangladesh U-16 football team U-16 champions.

Bangladesh was the first time in the final of the Under-16 football team is very confident. Bangladesh rose to become the champion of the youth group of the semi-final. Afghanistan lost 1-0 in the semi-finals of the youth.

Zero goals in the first half of the match was drawn at intervals of two teams. Fahim 1 minute into the second half of the young people in the lead. The visitors equalized in the 63rd minute of the 1-1 defeat to India Avinash. And at the side of the goal after a game traibrekare. India defeated champions red-green jarsidharira 42 penalties.

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